We at EconoTweaks love music period! We want to do anything we can to make the music listening experience improve for you. Through many years as a listener, dealer, manufacturer we've come to believe there are some things you can do to improve the sound of gear of ANY quality. We also feel even the best most expensive gear can benefit from tweaking problem areas.

Equipment manufacturers don't know the synergy of your system, the quality (or lack of) of the AC power in your environment. The cables, room acoustics, program material you use and all the other variables in a "system". More and more in todays world of products "on all the time" like computers and their monitors and modems, appliances and TV's with these new lower cost, noisier power supply designs reproducing quality sound is harder!

Our products address these issues and improve the sound these things degrade.

We also insist you be happy with our product or return it. PERIOD! We are not selling snake oil. All of our products are now or will be on our DIY page. You can build them yourself or buy them from us. We sell them at a great price, go to the DIY page and see. We will try to also calculate the price of the items required to make the product so you can see if you'd rather spend your time acquiring the products and building them or let us do that for you. How much is your time worth vs the desire and feeling of knowing you did it. Don't forget to take into account your experience and ability. Also I have always felt that even if my basic ability is good when I have not done a particular task I am not good at said task.


I've learned a lot from different folks on the Internet. I like Audioasylum.com and on their Tweaks board learned a lot from Al Sekela, Unclestu and several others. Use the webpages search tool to find what you want. There are other great boards too, just search them out via your search engine!

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