Like many on this board, I have been enjoying the world of audio for many decades. While good music is always the goal, I have auditioned too many tweaks and accessories over the years to mention. One thing I have learned is that good tweaks are grounded in solid physics. Earl’s Detail Magnifier and AC parallel filter made sense to me, so I decided to give them a twirl -with a money back guarantee what’s not to like? I like what I am (not!) hearing! I can hear further back into the source material and a good deal of background hash is now removed. Both cost-effective and serving the music – heartily recommended!

                                                            JC in VA


 I originally purchased the Walker High definition links a couple years ago. I thought they made a very good improvement to my audio system .Not too long after that I came across the Enacom speaker filters .I bought these thinking I'll compare them to the Walkers and whichever I think is best ,  I'll keep for the main system ,and use the other set on my second system .They were both very close , one with a slight advantage in clarity gains, and the other with overall smoothness.

Anyway ,then I happened to find the Detail magnifiers made by Earl Thomas. These are by a fair margin better then the other two.They have all the good quality's the other two have ,but much better focus and increased clarity! I've spent more money on my system than I want to admit ,but the Detail Magnifiers are the most cost verses return product I've ever purchased.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jim  Guthrie


"Most tweaks don't do much of anything.  Some are barely worth the money.  And there are a few tweaks, like good isolation devices, that you'd never do without once you've tried them.  Econotweaks' Detail Magnifiers - the version with upgraded parts - belong in that last category.  HFs open up but get smoother at the same time. The sound stage expands.  There's an easily noticeable all around improvement, even on a very good audio system.

"Besides the good sound, Earl has been a pleasure to deal with.  I like his whole approach: personal service and high sonic quality without fanciness or fancy prices.  What a wonderful, radical idea!"

                                                                Bob Olson


"I owned the Walker Links for years, a "tweak" that when I tried it I wasn't sold until I removed them...they went directly back onto the speakers.  When I received the Econotweaks' Detail Magnifiers, I did the same thing.  I removed the Walker's and put the Detail Magnifiers on the speaker lugs.  I heard a difference that was immediately identifiable.  The idea, a horridly overused phrase, "a veil was lifted" came to mind.  The exact same feeling I had with the Walker's when I'd first used them.  I took the DMs off and listened to the speakers "nude" and then put the Walker's back on.  I immediately heard the improvement with the Walker Links.  They both do the job, being good janitors, cleaning the grunge.  Clearing the musical signal sharpens attack, tightens bass, sweetens the mids and highs, and allows one to hear music instead of low-level interference.

Removing them, my listening partner and fellow reviewer, John Richardson and I both agreed the Magnifiers were an improvement over the Walker's.   The Walker's cost about 3 times what the Magnifiers cost, but the Walker's are prettier!  That normally wouldn't bother me at all, the idea is what the device does for the system's sound, not whether it's pretty or not.  That said, the look of the Magnifiers is not a professional looking piece, and that's how it's sold and the cost only supports the idea that the job it does, not its looks, are important. 
That said, I think many people who see them think they are too DIY looking, which as I stated earlier, is exactly the point.   Enclosed in a wood box would they cost more...of course.  Would a wood box harm the efficacy of the product?  I don't know.

Regardless as to whether they look pro, like the Walker's, or DIY like the Magnifiers, the product is definitely something that everyone should try.   The negatives I've heard, a tiny bit less bass and reduced dynamics is NOT what I hear in my system...and anyway, those are beefs everyone has when one achieves more clarity in the bass and lower mids region.

Is a box worth 3 times the price when the "ugly but beautiful" performs better?  I think the answer is easily reached by noting where the Magnifiers are placed...IN THE BACK OF THE SPEAKER...so why care? "

                                               "Muzikmike" Peshkin


I have enjoyed the wonderful improvements to my music playback system which EconoTweak's Detail Magnifier and AC filter has made for over a month now: quieter background, increased resolution and dynamics, very much smoother treble. I now enjoy my listening sessions much more. It amazes me that I used to get fatigued listening to my high performance equipment-  guess it reproduced AC/HF noise along with the music. So  filtering plays an important role which ET's products perform very well indeed! Amazing that us audiophiles (aka music lovers) can have these so affordably thanks to EconoTweaks. Lucky for me because I almost purchased similar products elsewhere for $1K+ instead of $100+, and believe me, the economics helps enormously as well!!

                                                   Eiton Kamelgarn


The Detail Magnifier, Earl makes is an unreal product, I was completely amazed when I received.  I have tried a lot of different items in my search and this is up their, in the past spent a lot on line purifiers $900 plus and sound was OK could slightly tell a difference, got these and was skeptical as usual, took one used on one Bel Canto Ref mono and left other channel alone, sound was immediate.  I was excited and went and got wife, not so excited, in 20 seconds she said the right speaker is clearer and is that what the imaging stuff is, then said how much $$ did this cost, told her and she said wow for those little copper things did this for that much, why didn't you buy them earlier.  Thank you, very much Earl it was a pleasure and as you know purchased for all four amps and enjoying.

                                                      Shannon Haycraft


In the time that's gone by since installation, I think I've taken the
measure of these two "tweaks" (collectively, not singly) and, from my
perspective, certainly one of them is very aptly named. In nutshell, what
I'm hearing is an overall improvement in detail, definition, gradations, and
overall intelligibility. I felt my system was at a pretty high level of
refinement before buying your goodies so I'm pleased with the effects they
have wrought. I didn't expect wholesale ".oh my gawd." reinvention of the
sound because that would have implied I was way off the mark to begin with.
The changes I did get were real, audible and in line with what I had hoped
for. And most importantly, the investment required was realistic and
worthwhile. I could never bring myself to spend thousands of $$$ on esoteric
racks and cones etc. even if I hit the lotto. I tried your products because
they were down to earth in concept, execution and sensibility.

                                                          Alan Trahern


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